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Let's Hear the Animals! HD app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3392 ratings )
Games Education Family
Developer: Play Engage Learn, LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 7.0, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 06 Jul 2009
App size: 68.78 Mb

*** Previously Featured App in Apples "Whats Hot" for iPad education***
Now 2 apps in 1!!!! New Memory Match Game.

Lets Hear the Animals! (Animal Sounds) is a universal iPhone/iPad application developed especially for pre-school children to see pictures of a variety of animals and to hear the sounds that they make. It is designed as a basic program for children to use easily in any location – at home or in a car, bus, train, plane or stroller. The child chooses an animal by touching a picture of the animal from a gallery view. This view shows six animals per page (see screenshot). Once your child taps on an animals image from this main view, they will see a full screen image of that animal appear and they will hear the animals name. To hear the sound that the animal makes simply tap the picture of the animal which will now fill the screen in a beautiful landscape view. To return to the main view and select a different animal the child can select the white home button in the center of the screen on the bottom, or he/she can choose to see the next or previous animals by clicking the white left and right arrows. By using these arrows, the child does not need to use the gallery view unless they want to skip a bunch of animals to get to their favorite.

With the 3.0 update, Lets Hear the Animals! became a bilingual educational tool; children can now enter an entirely spanish version of the application. They select the animal from the gallery view and the hear the name of the animal in spanish.

It’s easy and fun! Video demo available on Facebook page.

This application contains 40 unique images of 38 different animals.

You can expect to see and hear the following animals: Parrot, Dolphin, Monkey, Rattlesnake, Seal, Hyena, Killer Whale, Humpback Whale, Bee, Cicadas, Pig, Elephant (adult+child), Horse, Wolf, Crow, Crickets, Owl, Chimpanzee, Cow, Tiger, Lion, Frog, Kittens, Rooster, Elephant, Geese, Black Bear, Bear Cub, Woodpecker, Cheetah, Cuckoo, Donkey, Mosquito, Sheep, Crocodile, Goat, Duck, Dog, Rhinoceros.

The Kangaroo is the only animated sound (my three year old sons request).

At the end of the application, there are also ten pages containing four animals per page; perfect for overlapping and comparing sounds.

// Support e-mail is working

////Big Update 2-10-10///

1) The new Landscape View provides a more natural field of view.
2) The name of the animal is now heard as the image appears on the screen.
3) Bigger images now possible due to removal of the Display bar as per user requests.
4) Return of Forward and Backward arrow navigation, with child/user option to use the gallery view if they prefer.
5) Arrows now have a translucent center, so less of the animal is obscured from your view.
6) Gallery icons are now rounded with no white background visible.
7) All issues with sounds cutting short should be resolved with this update - if you move to the next animal in the middle of a sound playing that sound will be stopped.
8) My e-mail is working and I can be reached at or
9) Special thanks to OC Rob D for leaving a review and letting me know of his issues with my application, while also letting everyone know that my app was a “HUGE hit” in his house. I hope that you find all of the issues resolved and my e-mail working.
10) I also included a link to review/rate my application within the application. Please take the time to review my app. With 100K apps on the iTunes Store your reviews help others find my application and I greatly appreciate your support.

Pros and cons of Let's Hear the Animals! HD app for iPhone and iPad

Let's Hear the Animals! HD app good for

My 22 mnth old daughter loves seeing and hearing all the animals! Great app
My daughter and her cousins love this app. They constantly want my phone. Must have if you have small children.
This is the premier animal sounds app on the itunes store. The kids love it. And, when I m in a boring meeting I love to play the cricket sounds.
The kids love this. The fact they can learn while having fun and creating a disturbance at the same time by repeatedly tapping on the same animal, really keeps them occupied and amused :) Definiately Worth the 99c !
The sounds are great, authentic and loud. I would suggest alphabetizing the sounds and make them usable as ringtones. Very fun, good job.
My toddler loves this easy-to-navigate app. He has fun while learning and nurturing his love of nature. Highly recommend this. Even better now with update!

Some bad moments

I tried e-mailing the developer directly for support about this, but his listed address bounces my message back. My 3 year old and I love the app, but many of the sounds clips end prematurely in version 3.1 (have not had this issue in prior versions). Hopefully this can be fixed because the application is a HUGE hit in our house.
This is a terrible app! Most of the pictures are very BLURRY... Its very unprofessional and does not look at all like the examples because most of the pics become blurry when selected from the clear thumbnail pics. Horrible! Do NOT buy! I want my .99 refunded!
Did you record the animal sounds with a webcam mic or something? The quality is awful... Tons of noise. And Im not sure if you were trying to hide it with the echo effect, but that only made it worse. If you made an option to play the animal name by clicking on it, thatd be a good temporary fix until you can rerecord the names.
What a shame! A great app that crashes with installation of the update. I am really disappointed, as my child has been using this app reliably for the past year. Now, until they can manage a fix (if such does occur) she will be deprived of its use. I wish that I had not downloaded the warped update.
I love this app but it seems we have constant technical problems. The app wont open or opens briefly and the kicks us back to the main screen.