Let's Hear the Animals! HD App Reviews

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Love it!!

My 22 mnth old daughter loves seeing and hearing all the animals! Great app

All ages

Both my 3-year-old grandson & I use this app!

Great app

My boy loves the app

Great app!

My daughter and her cousins love this app. They constantly want my phone. Must have if you have small children.

Premier app

This is the premier animal sounds app on the itunes store. The kids love it. And, when I m in a boring meeting I love to play the cricket sounds.

Like a jungle

The kids love this. The fact they can learn while having fun and creating a disturbance at the same time by repeatedly tapping on the same animal, really keeps them occupied and amused :) Definiately Worth the 99c !

Lets Hear the Animals

The sounds are great, authentic and loud. I would suggest alphabetizing the sounds and make them usable as ringtones. Very fun, good job.

We love it

My toddler loves this easy-to-navigate app. He has fun while learning and nurturing his love of nature. Highly recommend this. Even better now with update!

Version 3.1 - many audio clips end prematurely

I tried e-mailing the developer directly for support about this, but his listed address bounces my message back. My 3 year old and I love the app, but many of the sounds clips end prematurely in version 3.1 (have not had this issue in prior versions). Hopefully this can be fixed because the application is a HUGE hit in our house.

Wonderful App

My 3 year-old loves this app. In restaurants, bars, and other adult places, I used to give him my phone and put on a mindless cartoon as entertainment. But now, he prefers this fun, yet educational program, which teaches him the animals names in English and Spanish! The pictures are even more stunning on my new iPhone 4. Get it. For the monkeys in your life.

Blurry photos!

This is a terrible app! Most of the pictures are very BLURRY... Its very unprofessional and does not look at all like the examples because most of the pics become blurry when selected from the clear thumbnail pics. Horrible! Do NOT buy! I want my .99 refunded!

Great images but awful sound quality on names

Did you record the animal sounds with a webcam mic or something? The quality is awful... Tons of noise. And Im not sure if you were trying to hide it with the echo effect, but that only made it worse. If you made an option to play the animal name by clicking on it, thatd be a good temporary fix until you can rerecord the names.

Good easy animal activitty

Had no problems with sound or images. It has some unique animals rather than just the usual barn ones.

Love it!

My son, who is fascinated with animals, LOVES this!! We really like the memory game that comes with it!

Lets hear it

Awesome app! My son loves it.

Nice app, except for...

My son really loves this app and loves to hear all the animal sounds. I would give this 5 stars except for the kangaroo sound. It really bugs me when toys with real animal sounds make something sound like a spring going "boing.". Otherwise, great work!


Great! Our son loves this! It would only get better with more animals. Also, I would make the home button smaller.

18 month old loves this

She cannot get enough of this - by far her favorite app!

Very disappointing

Really not worth 99


This app is well worth the small price. My 2 and 4 year olds love it and ask to play this more than any other app. They both have learned animals sounds quickly and my older one can tell me the Spanish names now. This was just what I was looking for. The memory game is a big hit also.

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